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Summer Skincare Faves

 Hi there! Can you believe it's already July?! I'm a little sad because the summer always seems to fly by after the fourth, and I'm not ready to say goodbye!

Since summer is in full swing, I thought I would share with you some of my current skincare favorites that I've added to my routine. I've really been loving these products, and the best part is that they're all relatively inexpensive and available at your local grocery store, drug store, or Target/Walmart!

June Mood Board

I questioned whether it was worth writing this post this late in the month, but what the heck. Here goes nothing.

Hello! It's me again, bringing you a very very very late monthly mood board. I wish I had a good excuse, but in all honesty, I'm human and I kept putting it off. Oops. 

So, here we are, almost done with June and almost 2 months into my summer break. I'm pretty upset that it's going by so fast, but I'm also happy because I start work this coming Tuesday, and ya girl needs money ASAP. 

In My Own Skin

Here's a pic of me, being pale as hell and KILLING IT (#selflove). 

For many years, the prospect of the approaching summer season brought me a mix of excitement and anxiety. The idea of no school, fantastic weather, and spending time at the beach was no doubt enticing; however, it was often overshadowed by the notion that I would soon have to ditch my sweaters and jeans for more revealing clothing. It had nothing to do with my physique or modesty but had everything to do with something that wasn't so easy to change...my skin.